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Which wallets support DCN on Optimism?

Dentacoin Wallet


You can conveniently store, use and swap your DCN tokens on Optimism via Dentacoin Wallet



Trust Wallet 


1. Open your Trust Wallet App.

2. Click the right corner icon and go to the token search. At the bottom, you will see the Add Custom Token button.

3. Click Network and select the Optimistic Ethereum.

4.  Scan the contract address QR code or paste it manually: 0x1da650c3b2daa8aa9ff6f661d4156ce24d08a062



Enter the rest of info: Name - Dentacoin | Symbol - DCN | Decimals - 0




Harware wallets - Trezor and Ledger


If you would like to use DCN on Optimism with your hardware wallet, you can do this through MetaMask:


1. Make a Meta Mask account and follow the steps in the previous section.

2. Once you are done, click on the profile avatar in MetaMask and choose "Connect Hardware wallet".

3. Follow the steps on screen.


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