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How to stake Dentacoin (DCN)

Staking platform


Compatible wallets

MetaMask TrustWallet Other wallets with WalletConnect

If you have your tokens in Dentacoin Wallet, see how to proceed here.

What if your DCN or ETH are on Ethereum Mainnet?
You can swap both DCN and ETH from Mainnet to Optimism via Dentacoin Wallet - SWAP feature. It is the most cost effective option (3 - 4$). 
You can purchase ETH on Optimism directly from Dentacoin Wallet: wallet.dentacoin.com/buy or through  an exchange.

Getting started:

Confirm that you have DCN and ETH on Optimism network. Open Metamask, switch to “Optimism network” and check the balance:
Now, you are ready to stake, go to STAKEDCN.COM 
Click STAKE NOW button to connect your wallet.
Choose the method to connect your wallet:
Confirm the connection in your wallet application. If you are using WalletConnect, make sure you switch to the right network, Optimism when connecting your wallet:

Time to stake:

After successfully connection your wallet, it is time to stake. This a 2 step process and you need around 2$ in ETH on Optimism to complete both transactions:
APPROVE - to allow the staking contract to interact with your STAKE NOW button to connect your wallet.
STAKE - to place your actual stake in the pool.
Each step should be confirmed by you in your wallet.
Refresh the page once done to see your updated balance!

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