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How to send DCN on Optimism to exchange through Dentacoin Wallet

DCN on Optimism is the b(igg)est upgrade of Dentacoin so far! It allows you to send and receive DCN tokens faster and with much lower transaction costs. However, Optimism network is not yet supported by most exchanges. Follow the instructions below before trading your tokens and swap DCN on Optimism to Ethereum Mainnet. 


Before you start: Note that swapping from Optimism network to Ethereum Mainnet is a 2 step process and takes around one week. As for every other token, it is processed on the Ethereum blockchain, and thus entails a transaction fee in ETH, the blockchain native currency:

Step 1 Initiate - transaction fee in Optimistic ETH

Step 2 Complete - transaction fee in ETH on Ethereum Mainnet. If you don't complete this step, your tokens will be locked between networks and cannot be returned.


1) If you are using Dentacoin Wallet, open your wallet application and you will see your DCN on Optimism balance. 


2) Go to the SWAP page and choose DCN on Optimism for the tokens dropdown. Enter the amount you would like to use on Ethereum Mainnet:




3) Read the information next to the checkbox and confirm your choice.


4) You will see an overview of the swap information and  the amount of gas price needed to complete it.


5) Confirm the swap.


7) After one week, your swap will be ready for withdrawing to your wallet. Go to PENDING SWAPS and finalize the swap. 


If you require further assistance, please contact our support team

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