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How to send DCN on Optimism to exchange through Dentacoin Wallet


DCN on Optimism is the b(igg)est upgrade of Dentacoin so far! It allows you to send and receive DCN tokens faster and with much lower transaction costs. However, DCN on Optimism is not yet supported by exchanges. Follow the instructions below before trading your tokens and swap DCN on Optimism to Ethereum Mainnet. 


Before you start: Note that swapping from Optimism network to Ethereum Mainnet is a 2 step process and takes around one week. As for every other token, it is processed on the Ethereum blockchain, and thus entails a transaction fee in ETH, the blockchain native currency:


There is also the option for you to purchase ETH on Optimism through Dentacoin Wallet however there is a minimum amount requirement.




Step 1  (Approve Step) - The first time you SWAP DCN you need to pass the “Approve” step In order to complete this step, keep in mind that you need to have an amount in ETH on Optimism as well. 

This step is only done before the first swap transaction. 



Step 2 - Move to the real SWAP. Now that you have ETH to cover your transactional fee, go to the SWAP section and initiate a transaction from DCN on Optimism to DCN  on Ethereum Mainnet. Type the amount you want to SWAP and process to the CONFIRM button to complete. For this, as well as for the other steps you need to know your Wallet Password!




Now you have DCN on Ethereum Mainnet, it is time to send them to your desired destination -  an Exchange platform. Keep in mind that in order to send your DCN to an Exchange you always need to perform the steps above first. Otherwise, you may lose your DCN, as exchanges do not support DCN on Optimism. 


So now that you have your DCN on Ethereum Mainnet, go to SEND section on Dentacoin Wallet and simply type the Wallet address, or scan its QR code. Make sure you always check the deposit address of your exchange account carefully. Note that you will need ETH on Ethereum Mainnet in your wallet to cover the transaction cost.


Once you click on CONFIRM, the amount should arrive at the corresponding Wallet. Most exchanges credit your account balance after a minimum number of confirmations on the blockchain.






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