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How do I withdraw money from my Dentacoin Wallet to my bank account?

You can not send Dentacoin tokens directly to your bank accounts as most banks do not accept cryptocurrencies yet. First, you need to exchange your Dentacoin tokens on a platform, then withdraw from there. You can find all of the exchange platforms where Dentacoin is listed here: https://dentacoin.com/traders 


In most cases, you will have to create an account on the exchange platform. Once you do this, you can find the DCN deposit address by selecting DCN (Dentacoin) currency. Sending the tokens to the exchange means that you are going to make a transaction on the Ethereum blockchain. As for all tokens on Ethereum, the transaction is processed against the "gas fee" in ETH which goes to the miners on the blockchain. 


When you deposit DCN to your account on the exchange platform, you will be able to convert it to USDT or ETH. Finally, you can exchange the USDT/ETH to the national currency and withdraw.





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